Tents for Camping

Platforms have been at Nature Park on which at a time 10 tents of 2 layers of canvas having capacity of 10 people and 4 people can be mounted. This section is mainly used in the summer at the time of camps or for night stay in Nature Park in scheme of Family Camp or Workshop Camps.

Thus do make visit to all this wonderful education section at Nature Park. On above all this there is a facility of Digital Conference Hall for organizing seminars. And one can organize their educational program in the lap of Nature’s beauty at Amphi Theater. Also there is facility of Canteen where one can enjoy tasty food of jungle and can make the use of splash pool too in the evening. Children can specially play in the Play zone where there activities based on adventure like Rope Bridge, Rope Ladder, etc. Toilets and bathrooms are well maintained and are been regularly cleaned.

Another important feature of Nature Park is its wide jungle which is full of Biodiversity. And one can enjoy the tracking in the jungle as is been developed on the ravines of Mahi Sagar river.