Check Dam

Check Dam, Bori-Bunding and Stone Bunding
On the left side of Amphi Theater in down the lane there is a section of Check Dam, Bori Bunding and Stone Bunding as over this the maximum eroded soil is made diverted.

This exhibition is area has been develop to make general public the urgent requirement of irrigation and to give them technical information about Bori-Bund. To stop the maximum flow of water 2 stone bund were built. In this type of Dam the Trapezoid wall of stone is been tied with the Wire Mess Jali, which helps in stopping the water to get flow away. All this helps in water irrigation and its upstream water ultimately help in increasing the underground water level.

Above all this on the Northern side of Nature Park fencing there is Check Dam made up Concrete. Not only Nature Park but villagers around Nature Park are benefited because of this 70 foot long check dam. One will be able to see the formation of new land instead of ravines in its upstream area. Thus it is live example of irrigation method been done with help of Check Dam, Bori –Bunding and Stone – Bunding. This section is specially used when there is village meeting or a workshop.
More than 30 bori – bund have been made through Alstom Project for stopping land erosion in the live exhibition area and at the opposite side of Observatory building. Along with this some Bori-bunds have been made on the way to come park.

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