Weather Observatory

With the help of The United Way of Baroda on 8th August 2003 the first analog weather station was inaugurated at Nature Park with the aim of providing a platform to students who want to study weather science and make observations & data collection to study them. Later on in May 2010 the analog weather observatory was converted to digital observatory.

In weather observatory there are total five instruments which are used to measure Rain Fall, Wind Direction & Wind Speed, Soli Temperature, Atmospheric Temperature, etc. And since 2003 the work of data collection is going on and one can find a log book of it at Nature Park.

From last two year workshops are being organized in Summer Camps for study of “Weather and Climate” in joint of Gujarat Nature Conservation Society and United Way of Baroda and in Association with Anand Krushi University for the students. Till now 20 child weather scientist have been prepared and all of this scientist take help of automated weather Station to take their reading. One can get to see this station at Nature Park behind the Conference Hall.

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